Our Process

Here at Botany our handmade bow ties are cut, sewn, arranged, packaged and shipped out of our workshop in Charleston, South Carolina. We use hand-selected 100% linen fabric and natural organic botanicals, for each collection of bow ties. Striving for a sustainable natural look.

Handmade Bow Ties

We have talented artists and creators in our Charleston workshop who hand make-to-order each bow tie. Once an order is placed, we begin on the cutting table where the bow tie fabric is cut. Once the fabric is cut, it is passed to one of our talented seamstresses to be artfully sewn. After our seamstress individually sews each bow tie they are ready for the final step of individual eucalyptus leaves to be arranged on top. Next step? The handmade bow tie is placed in our signature box and shipped out to you for years of enjoyment.

Our Dedication to American Made Bow Ties

Although many opt to manufacture their bow ties overseas, we believe in making our bow ties at home. Most of the tags on popular neck wear brands will not say "Made in America." American made products are becoming more of a rarity and there is a growing difference between mass-manufactured products and our handmade, high quality bow ties. We are dedicated to creating American made and are dedicated to preserving quality over making a profit.

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